Vetrikodi Kattu Movie 2000 DvD

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Watch Vetrikodi Kattu Movie Online 2000 DvD, Vetri Kodu Kattu (English: Raise the flag of victory) is a Tamil film directed by Cheran starring Murali, Parthiban, Meena, Manorama and MalavikaSekhar (Murali) and Muthuraman (Parthiban) live in two different villages. However, they have two things in common: both the families (of Murali and Parthiban) are neck-deep in poverty and they want to send their eldest family member to Dubai to earn good amount of money for their families. Both Muthuraman and Sekhar along with many dreaming to go to Dubai give money to a middleman to buy them passports and visas. Everyone goes to the Chennai airport only to find that they were duped by the middleman. Sekhar and Muthuraman prefer not to go home as their loved ones might be heart-broken to know the fact. Hence, both of them agree that while Muthuraman goes to Sekhar’s house saying that he was sent by Sekhar and vice-versa. Back at home, an educated Muthuraman finds that though Sekhar’s family land is unfit for agriculture; it can be used for grazing of cows. Hence Muthuraman manages to secure loan to buy a couple of cows and help the family earn a big profit; while Sekhar finds that Valli, Muthuraman’s wife (Meena), is good at cooking and he suggests her to start a business in cooking. In this way, both families succeed in their efforts. Before the climax, Valli was pregnant and admitted to a hospital in Coimbatore and Sekhar asks Muthuraman to come there. At the right time, one of the persons who was cheated(Charlie) by the middleman finds that the cheat has come into Coimbatore too in another disguise and he informs this to Muthuraman and Sekhar when he finds them. In order to prevent any more people to be fleeced by the middleman, the duo set out to bash him. At the right time; the police arrives and he promises them that the cheated men will be given passports and visas to Dubai. However; Muthuraman and Sekhar say that they do not want to go to Dubai or any other country as they became prosperous in their motherland due to their self-confidence.

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