Nam Naadu Movie 1969 DvD

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,starring M.G.R and Jayalalitha.Plot

Dharmalingam, Aalavandar and Punniyakodi are three VIPs in a township who have established themselves as noble citizens of the country but actually are traitors who dare to do any type of crimes for money.


Durai (M.G.R) is an honest government office clerk who wants to be sincere for the nation and to help the poor and needy. In order to save the rights of the poor he fights with higher society people which is disliked by brother Muthaiah who works for Dharmalingam and an equally honest person as him. Though Muthaiah scolds Durai for his acts he is very affectionate to him and Durai is equally respectful and affectionate towards him and his family. Durai once fight with Aalavandar in a shop and insist him to stand in queue like other public and there is no special right for him more than poor people. This creates a heat between Aalavandar and Durai. Muthaiah worries as he will get trouble because Aalavandar and Dharmalingam are good friends.

Durai meets a tender-coconut selling girl Alamelu aka Ammu and gets attracted towards her nobility and honesty. Aalavandar takes revenge on Durai by making fake bribery complaint on him and because of which Durai loses his job. The enemity between Dharmalingam and Durai increases gradually because of which his brother shouts at him and ask him to get out of the house as Muthaiah believes Dharmalingam is honest and treat him like God. Ammu supports Durai and takes him to slum. Durai works for them and earn the love of slum people and people support him to contest and win in the municipal election. Durai takes action against the trio with his rights and enemity further increases. The trio plan and succeed to throw Durai away from the municipal office. Meanwhile Muthaiah finds that Dharmalingam has looted a sum of Ten lakh Rupees which actually belong to the welfare of poor people. So he runs away with the money to save from them and he buries it in a place. But the trio catch him and shut him at a secret place when he refuse to open his mouth on the where abouts of the money.

Now Durai plans to take revenge on them and to reveal themself and their crimes by their own mouth. Did Durai succeed in his mission and found the money and his brother forms the rest of the story.

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