Magane En Marumagane (2010) DvD

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Cast:Ragav, Vivek, Nasser, Saranya, Thenmozhi, Yamini Sharma, Livingston, Meenal,
Direction:T.P. Gajendran
Music: Dheena


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Growing popularity of Tamil TV serials

Change is the only permanent thing in this changing world. As we live in this ever changing world out minds want to keep in touch with the changing events. This situation is very much possible to those who watch Tamil serials in the televisions. Television is one of the most powerful and widely reaching means of communication, education and entertainment. Some say that television is an idiot box while the regular television viewers feel that without watching TV they would be like frog in a well. Whatever be the conflict, everyone has to agree that television has become a part of our life and many or influenced by its presence.

Television serials by online

With the advent of Internet the modern television programs are witnessing a new dimension through online programs. This helps many viewers who are in various countries to watch their favorite vernacular language serials shown in favorite television channels. It is amazing to browse the website at http://vijaytamil.org to see an array of Tamil serial options which can be seen at our convenient hours both online as well as off line. This seems to be a great boon to the overseas serial lovers.
The popular Sun TV lovers watch the popular Azhagi serial at their leisure times as the websites transmit the video recorded of the recent episodes. This is being watched by many serial lovers across the world.

In the same way other serial like, Thirumathi Selvam serial, is getting popular among few sections of the Tamil society across the words. One is not sure that these Tamil serials are a boon or curse. It cannot be answered easily as the perception of the viewers is different in these modern times.

Varied opinions

A survey conducted recently in India reveals that the television serials are found to be more relaxing in this changing world. Of course one has to agree these Tamil television serials are boon to the elders who cannot afford to pay huge costs for other entertainments. In fact these serials have a direct impact on the road traffics. This has been endorsed by few traffic management officials all over the country.

While comparing the serials like Uravugal Thodarkathai serial with Saravanan Meenakshi serial aired by different television channels it is difficult to predict as they are entirely different kinds of entertainment. Some media interviewed few serial lovers and everyone has admitted that their favorite Tamil serials are the cut above the rest. But one has to give full marks to the Tamil serial makers like Thangam serial, and the famous Thendral serial as they attract huge audience in the prime times.

The greatest advantages of these Tamil serials lie in their effort to generate passion among millions of viewers across the globe. Few lovers are so much passionate to translate the stories to others who have missed these serials. Such narration deserves even Oscar for its descriptive narrations. One has to thank Sun Serial, and VijayTv serial makers who by their indirect efforts entertain the senior citizens of our society in a great extent.

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